Thursday, October 22, 2009

My sweet child, Sage! You are so weird. I love the randomness of your personality. Love, Mom

Okay so Sage has a mind of her own. She does the funniest things. The other day we were at Taco Bell for lunch and I had given her a napkin to wipe her face off. I said "Sage, wipe your face." She didnt understand me so I rephrased and said "Wipe your mouth." (and pointed to my mouth) So she takes the napkin, opens her mouth and sticks the napkin in there and wipes the inside of her mouth. *giggle*
Another thing that is disgusting but yet another story of my wild child is.....shes learned to pick her nose (gag) and everytime she does I get a kleenex and have her wipe her hand...she does not like doing that. So now she tries to hid it from me. I caught her picking her nose and she saw me and stuck (the booger *double gag*) back into her nose.
Sage has been learning the sounds of animals. Her first one we didnt teach her but she learned it on her own and I think its funny....we ask her what a dog says and she sticks out her tongue and pants like a dog. Her next animal she learned was cow...and she says mooo. For duck and bird she says caw caw. Now her latest is meme! lol
She loves loves to eat ice and carries her blankets everywhere with her. (the picture above is of her with her blankets just waking up from a nap)