Friday, September 4, 2009


After doing a quick shopping trip at Walmart today I walked out to the parking lot and down the isle to my car. SO I THOUGHT. I didnt see it. So I looked and looked. Up and down the next few isles. I was getting scared because I couldnt remember where I parked. Then I got scared because maybe it was stolen. I couldnt call anyone cause my phone died while I was on it talking to my BEST FRIEND WHO MOVED TO ALASKA. :( So I kept looking and looking. Finally I found it...right where I left it. All snug in its little parking space.

Although I thought I would be relieved to find it. I WASNT. Why did my memory fail me? I was only in walmart for 20-30 minutes. Plus, I forgot my coupon for my free candle that I originally wanted to go there for. Hmm! Any explainations for my memory loss?

Ive always had a bad memory..ALWAYS! But seriously, Ive never forgot where I parked my car! I guess I really am getting old. *sniff* *sniff*