Monday, August 3, 2009

Okay! Im back on the blogging mode. I had to go private for a while to deal with an issue with some spammer posting some mean comments on here. Now I approve your comment before it gets posted.

So go ahead and comment. :)

Another issue we have been having is our dang pet squirrel..


Now there are 3 of the dang things and they are eating all my plants. I had 3 sweet potato plants growing so big and now they are just twigs. We had 12 pears growing on our pear tree and the squirrels ate all but..

Next, SCHOOL STARTED! Can you tell Im just a little bit excited. Im not sure whos more or the kids! The kids were counting down the days and kept asking when they could get there backpacks out and ready! Aubreys teachers name is Mrs. Corbin. She seems really nice and Aubrey likes her. Aubrey also is lucky to have her cousin Madison in her class with her. (DEAR TEACHER: These girls like to talk and talk and talk and talk. THE END) lol
Weston is also enjoying his teacher, Mrs. Mender. He loves being in 3rd grade and having some friends in his class too! Im sure they both will do very well this year.

Tomorrow is Alans birthday. We are doing a small graveside memorial for him today! Sure do miss that boy!

Yesterday, we wanted to do something fun and different with the family. We were gonna go up to the Pinal mountains but that plan fizzled. So we opted to go to a museum..well that was to expensive for what it was..SOOO then we decided to do lunch at Petes Fish and Chips. Well that couldnt work since they arent open on Sundays. Well then we decided to try the new place by our house called Costa Vida. Well we pull up and they arent open on Sundays either. Taco Bell was our end result. It was very tasty though! ;) Then Aubrey requested we go inside Petco and see the animals.

We were in there for over an hour.

Sage especially had fun! We started out looking at the fish and boy you should have seen Sages face and her excitment. It was so cute! Next we looked at the birds and even got to hold one. The bird was mocking us and showing off. Very funny! Maybe someday we can get one.

SOMEDAY... not now!

Pictures will come soon! Ive been using the laptop usually and we dont save the pictures on this computer. TTFN


Taylors said...

it still just seems weird you have a 3rd grader. and Costa Vida is SOOO good. mmmm, so is Pete's.