Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sage had her 18 month check up today. Shes 24.02 lbs 50th percentile on weight and 32.5" tall which is 75% on height. Phew! She got daddys tall jeans and not my short ones. She is healthy and happy! She even waved goodbye to the doctors after getting her shot. Aww! Now we dont need anymore shots until shes 4 years old...thanks goodness for that! Shes saying lots of new words like ball, whats that, mommy, daddy, right there, hot, shoes, ouch, hi (on rare occasion) We love her funny personality and her quirky faces she makes. Shes such a good baby..or I mean toddler. She sleeps well, eats okay and plays really good with everyone (once shes warmed up to them). Looove her!


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