Thursday, June 18, 2009

Throwing away my razors

For over a year now I have been going to American Laser Centers in Mesa. First I went to improve my skin by getting the Affirm followed by the Microdermabrasion. Then I got offered an awesome deal I couldn't turn down. Im now getting laser hair removal on my underarms and *GASP* the fully extended Brazilian. (yeah thats all the front and all the back) Soon I will never have to shave there again. Oh the joys!!! Ive been happy with the girls who work there and the results thus far. I would highly recommend them 480-634-6231. Tell em Kaylyn sent you! Got any questions? Im more than happy to answer them for you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enjoying the good ol outdoors

Sage had her 18 month check up today. Shes 24.02 lbs 50th percentile on weight and 32.5" tall which is 75% on height. Phew! She got daddys tall jeans and not my short ones. She is healthy and happy! She even waved goodbye to the doctors after getting her shot. Aww! Now we dont need anymore shots until shes 4 years old...thanks goodness for that! Shes saying lots of new words like ball, whats that, mommy, daddy, right there, hot, shoes, ouch, hi (on rare occasion) We love her funny personality and her quirky faces she makes. Shes such a good baby..or I mean toddler. She sleeps well, eats okay and plays really good with everyone (once shes warmed up to them). Looove her!

I had a fun busy weekend! I flew to Nashville and met up with my good friend Jolene. It rained about half the time and was humid but I was very green and beautiful there. This is a busy week for me...I have appointments, bday parties and stuff I need to get done. Next week is also very busy for me. Here are some pictures of me and Sage.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aubreys Birthday Party and dinner

We had Aubreys Birthday Saturday afternoon! She had a few friends over to play on the water slide! After that we had cake and icecream popsicles (thats what she wanted)! She opened her presents and then they played a few balloon and water games. After everyone left I made the kids shower and we got ready for dinner. We met my parents and Tonys parents at Ruby Tuesdays. On her actual birthday (Sunday), we made her breakfast of her choice which was waffles and she got to play with her new toys and games!!! I just cant believe she is 6 years old already! Shes so beautiful and sweet. We love her very much!!!

Heres shopping trip #2 and #3 from Bashas. Phew that was fun!!!
Instead of listing all the stuff I got Im just gonna brag about my savings.

Total spent $37.23
Saved $71.02 66%

Total Spent $21.92
Saved $52.28 70%

So an overflowing cart full of groceries cost me $58! Now my freezers and fridge are stocked!