Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 Random Facts

-he used to be Iron Man of Fountain Hills High School
- first job was at Burger King
-out ran the cops in his firebird
-has had a broken nose
-newest favorite passion is taking care of the yard

-first and most favorite job was Harkins Theater
-has never been out of the country
-never had a broken bone
-gave CPR before
-has 8 piercings and 2 tattoos

-big mommas boy
-is really smart just like his daddy
-plays pool and tether ball better than me
-loves broccoli
-is very social and talkative (very opposite of me when i was his age)

-was born with dark hair with blonde highlights
-loves to eat salad
-has got green everyday at school (good behaviour)
-wants to have curly hair
-doesnt like red sauce i.e. spagetti sauce

-got naturally curly hair
-sleeps through the night (most nights)
-loves to eat ice
-knows how to take her diaper off
-has no interest in watching cartoons

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