Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home Improvements

We've been doing a lot of things to the exterior of our home lately..maybe its the spring air getting us out there..who knows but our home is looking beautiful.
We hung 2 sun mirror things (we have flown a flag ever since we have lived in this home...gotta show our support for the good ol' US of A)

Heres is one of the new vines we planted and one of the latices (sp?) we built. I will try to get a better picture of the whole thing someday.

I got a bunch of free pilsbury pizza crusts this past week at Frys after coupon so we have had homemade pizza twice already. This one turned out exceptionally good.

Aubrey and her cousin had a sleep over. They were wearing the same shirt and were being so funny together. I can totally see the Jarvis resemblance in them both especially in there cheeks.
Aubreys front tooth was wiggly and during dinner I was asking her if she wanted me to pull it out later and she didnt want to. So dinner carried on like normal then I noticed the tooth was missing. It came out on its own and was on her dinner plate. Easiest tooth extraction ever. lol


Johnston*family said...

cute picture of the girls! I am so glad madi was invited over. She would of had a hard time with all those crazy boys.