Wednesday, April 22, 2009


6 containers of blackberries-$1 each
10 kroger shredded cheese-$1 each
2 bags of baby carrots-$1 each
3 tubs of challenge butter-free after coupon
2 spray pam-$1 each
1 pkg of fresh talapia-$3.77 total
2 pkgs of pork chops-$5.66 total
3 gallons of milk-$1.99 each
1 pkg of hangers-$1.83
6 mccormick season blends- free after coupon
4 green giant frozen veg.-$1 each
6 birdseye frozen veg. 30c each after coupon
3 suave deoderant- free after coupon
3 suave lotion- free after coupon
1 pkg of popsicles- $1
2 pkgs of butterscotch chips-$1.50 each
6 pillsbury brownie mixes- 50c each after coupon
1 bag of frys flour- $1.29 after coupon
3 angel soft toilet paper- free after coupon
2 pkgs of 2lbs each ground beef - $1.88/lb
3 loaves of bread-$1 each
1 dozen eggs-$1.25

Total $63.63
Saved $149.78 69% savings

This week is a good grocery ad for Frys. A lot of good deals that dont require coupons for those of you who dont use coupons. Enjoy!!


Victor and Annette said...

Those are some great deals, I have been doing coupons up here in UT, gotta love it.