Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ive havent posted some pictures lately..Ive been some what busy and just havent sat down to do it. So here are the long over due pictures and updates.....enjoy!

Sage is being so cute lately, she baby talks, dances, plays peekaboo, trys to run (thats hilarious), and is just all over the place now. She loves loves to be outside. Especially the backyard where she either goes straight for the trampoline or sits on the rocks and throws them up in the air or puts them in her mouth (gross)

Here she is looking not so baby-ish anymore. Shes growing up so fast! She finally decided that she likes grown up food instead of just bottle. Its great now (and less expensive...dang formula) She trys everything we put on her tray and whatever she doesnt like she spits out, which is actually pretty funny (I probably wont be laughing later though)

Here is Weston and Aubrey trying to be like daddy (he was working on his sisters car a couple Saturdays ago) I thought it was hilarious.

Life is good more sick kids (knock on wood). Spring break is coming up on us and we are planning a fun 2 nights in Camp Verde area with our friends. We are going to do Out of Africa and some other fun activities...I will defiantly post pictures.

Mine and Tony wedding anniversary is on will be 8 years! I cant believe its been that long. Time has gone by so fast.

Ta Ta For Now


The Lucas Gang said...

She looks so grown up! Not a baby anymore.
And that is hilarious that the copied tony. TOO FUNNY

Teanne said...

I love the pics of your kids trying to fix the car. That is so funny. They want to do everything they see their parents do!