Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heres a long over due Frys deal........

2 gallons milk
3 bags Quaker Rice Cakes
3 bags of Halls drops
Rotisserie Chicken
1 powerade
4 boxes Quaker oatmeal
3 softsoap


$44.34 over 78% saved


We got back from out fun vacation in northern AZ. It was nice to get away for a few days. I will post pictures soon. Kids started back at school today...they were both excited to go back and see their teachers and friends again. We also have been working hard on our backyard. We planted 22 new plants. 10 were flowers, 3 were vines, 4 lavender plants and 5 other flowery shrub type things. In addition to that we bought, painted and made our own latices for the vines to grow up on. I will soon post pictures of those too after we hang them to the wall. We've got an exciting busy weekend coming up with 2 birthday parties and I have a bridal shower for one of my friends. Check back soon for pictures of the vacation and plants soon.