Thursday, February 12, 2009

So I went to Frys for their Valentines special thing they were doing. The kids got to color and got to sample some candy, drinks and such. Im so happyI was able to refrain from eating that stuff (except for 1 piece of cinnamon salt water taffy and a piece of french bread). Im soo close to my first New Years goal of getting into the 120's. My second goal is to be 125 or less before the end of the year. Anyways back to Frys.....I got bacon for 99c and 3lb bag of fuji apples for 99c. I also got free TP and a few things for Valentines Day dinner (thats if Tony doesnt take me out and gets me a laptop instead..crossing my fingers) I spent $33 and saved over $41. I was wearing my new jeans (yeah for new jeans) and forgot to take the tag off (is that bad I wore the jeans before washing them?) and this lady at Frys was kind enough to tell me. So my next goal is to tell someone if they have tp draging on their shoes or their dress is stuck up in their underware. Whatever it is I would want someone to tell me so I will do the same back.

Oh yes that reminds me of a story of when I worked at Linen N Things up in N. Scottsdale. There was this overweight man (and I mean obese) wearing these cotton shorts with a hole in the cratch area...and his man sac (balls) were hanging out. In this case I was not about to go up to him and say "Hey sir. your balls are hanging out". NO FREAKIN WAY. Anyways after finding my manager (haha made her do it) and then finding him he I guess felt a draft and fixed it himself. Ew ew ew.

I seriously need a hobby or some sort of project to do. I swear I feel like Im standing or sitting around being a bum all day. And no I dont want to join a mom group and no I dont want to excersize and no I dont want to go to the store (I will spend to much money). These were all of Tonys ideas. So whats a girl to do? Im bored and facebook is only good for so long.


The Lucas Gang said...

Wanna hang out and dream of being skinny... that's what I do.
Or pretend we are going on a walk loosing weight to get skinny... ALL while eating our own tub of our favorite ice cream...

Kaylyn, that's what a girl is suppose to do! LOL