Thursday, January 29, 2009


This last week Frys had an awesome promotion going buy 10 participating items get $5 off. Well I paired that with coupons and got a ton of stuff mustard, bbq sauce, hot sauce, hormel chili, rotel tomatoes, salad dressing, frozen vegatables....and a bunch of almost free stuff like captain crunch cereal, kleenex, mayonaise, cheese, nabisco crackers, fiber one bars, chex mix and so forth. I also bought some pork chops, milk, eggs, yogurt, 10 lb bag potatoes, 2 packages of hair clips, a lunchable, 2 bags of coleslaw mix, 9 bars of baby soap and 5 12 pks of coke.

I will combine my 4 trips

Total paid

Total saved
$358.62 73%

148 items purchased
90c each


Tara T said...

thats freaking awesome!! way to be thrifty

Kostura Family said...

thanks tara i try...oh ya our friends ended up getting a truck already