Thursday, October 22, 2009

My sweet child, Sage! You are so weird. I love the randomness of your personality. Love, Mom

Okay so Sage has a mind of her own. She does the funniest things. The other day we were at Taco Bell for lunch and I had given her a napkin to wipe her face off. I said "Sage, wipe your face." She didnt understand me so I rephrased and said "Wipe your mouth." (and pointed to my mouth) So she takes the napkin, opens her mouth and sticks the napkin in there and wipes the inside of her mouth. *giggle*
Another thing that is disgusting but yet another story of my wild child is.....shes learned to pick her nose (gag) and everytime she does I get a kleenex and have her wipe her hand...she does not like doing that. So now she tries to hid it from me. I caught her picking her nose and she saw me and stuck (the booger *double gag*) back into her nose.
Sage has been learning the sounds of animals. Her first one we didnt teach her but she learned it on her own and I think its funny....we ask her what a dog says and she sticks out her tongue and pants like a dog. Her next animal she learned was cow...and she says mooo. For duck and bird she says caw caw. Now her latest is meme! lol
She loves loves to eat ice and carries her blankets everywhere with her. (the picture above is of her with her blankets just waking up from a nap)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Suppose to be in the 100's in the valley..come up to the nice cool mountains

Campout in a week...whos coming? Invite your friends and families also. Check details here!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Picture post

Friday, September 4, 2009


After doing a quick shopping trip at Walmart today I walked out to the parking lot and down the isle to my car. SO I THOUGHT. I didnt see it. So I looked and looked. Up and down the next few isles. I was getting scared because I couldnt remember where I parked. Then I got scared because maybe it was stolen. I couldnt call anyone cause my phone died while I was on it talking to my BEST FRIEND WHO MOVED TO ALASKA. :( So I kept looking and looking. Finally I found it...right where I left it. All snug in its little parking space.

Although I thought I would be relieved to find it. I WASNT. Why did my memory fail me? I was only in walmart for 20-30 minutes. Plus, I forgot my coupon for my free candle that I originally wanted to go there for. Hmm! Any explainations for my memory loss?

Ive always had a bad memory..ALWAYS! But seriously, Ive never forgot where I parked my car! I guess I really am getting old. *sniff* *sniff*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Come join us on our campout in a few short weeks. Sept. 24-27 (Thursday-Sunday) Come when you can and stay as long as you can. We will try to get a big football, soccer or baseball game going. Lots of fun memories to be made. Invite your families, cousins and friends....!!! You are on your own to bring your own supplies and food. Hope to see you there. RSVP! Thanks!!!

Directions on how to get to the campsite will begin in Pine.

From Pine drive two miles on Highway 87 to Strawberry.

From Strawberry continue north on Highway 87 towards Winslow for 7.8 (seven and eight-tenths) miles.

You are now at the intersection of Highway 87 and Highway 260.

Turn left onto Highway 260 and drive for approximately 3 miles.

Turn right onto Forest Road 144 and drive for 1.8 (one and eight-tenths) miles.

If you have a compass you should be traveling mostly to the east.

Turn left onto Forest Road 149 and drive for 1.1 (one and one-tenth) miles.

You should be traveling mostly to the north.

You will come to a “Y” in the road. Take the right fork of the “Y”. You are now on Forest Road 142. Drive forward on Forest Road 142 for .9 (nine-tenths) mile. You should be

traveling mostly in a north-east direction.

On your left you will see a road going north. This is Forest Road 142E. THIS IS A POINT OF REFERENCE ONLY. DO NOT TURN ONTO FOREST ROAD 142E.

Continue traveling north-east on Forest Road 142 for a short distance (approximately one block).

Turn left (north) at the next road sign, and then follow the next few road signs to the campsite.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Christmas is only 4 months away! Holy Cow! Is it just me or did summer FLY by?!?! Especially August. It seemed just a few days ago we were at the cemetery for Alans bday (Aug.4th) and now all the sudden its the 25th already. I cant even recall whats gone on this month. All my weekends have been booked and Im exhausted. Having fun but so so tired. And my next few weekends are booked also. Sheesh. NOW...Christmas is creeping up on me and I have no idea what to ask Santa for (wink) maybe a truck (double wink)!!!

In the next couple weeks I wanna spend as much time as I can with my best friend who is moving to Alaska. Im soo sad shes moving. *sniff sniff* And theres a family campout and then a friends family campout. Phew..thinking bout all this makes my head spin.

Sage has officially hit the terrible 2's syndrom. Mind you me...shes isnt 2 years old yet..**sigh**!!! Shes into everything and can reach everything. She throws a mother of a tantrum and is very specific about things she wants. But at the end of the day when she kisses me out of nowhere and gives me a hug...or when she snuggles next to me in bed and looks up at me with those adorable green heart melts and I forget about the days troubles. Funny how that happens.

I got a tattoo 2 weeks ago. Yeah I realize most of you dont agree with tattoos but me and my best friend (who I mentioned earlier) got a symbol that means FRIENDS FOREVER. It was important for us to do something since she is moving soooo far away..did I mention shes moving to ALASKA..ugg!?!?! Anyways I was really nervous about getting it done on my foot because I heard that it hurts really bad. Well I got it done and it didnt really hurt at all...kinda like an annoyance someone poking you. It took maybe a total of 10-15 minutes and it was finished. I think its really pretty!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday ALAN!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Okay! Im back on the blogging mode. I had to go private for a while to deal with an issue with some spammer posting some mean comments on here. Now I approve your comment before it gets posted.

So go ahead and comment. :)

Another issue we have been having is our dang pet squirrel..


Now there are 3 of the dang things and they are eating all my plants. I had 3 sweet potato plants growing so big and now they are just twigs. We had 12 pears growing on our pear tree and the squirrels ate all but..

Next, SCHOOL STARTED! Can you tell Im just a little bit excited. Im not sure whos more or the kids! The kids were counting down the days and kept asking when they could get there backpacks out and ready! Aubreys teachers name is Mrs. Corbin. She seems really nice and Aubrey likes her. Aubrey also is lucky to have her cousin Madison in her class with her. (DEAR TEACHER: These girls like to talk and talk and talk and talk. THE END) lol
Weston is also enjoying his teacher, Mrs. Mender. He loves being in 3rd grade and having some friends in his class too! Im sure they both will do very well this year.

Tomorrow is Alans birthday. We are doing a small graveside memorial for him today! Sure do miss that boy!

Yesterday, we wanted to do something fun and different with the family. We were gonna go up to the Pinal mountains but that plan fizzled. So we opted to go to a museum..well that was to expensive for what it was..SOOO then we decided to do lunch at Petes Fish and Chips. Well that couldnt work since they arent open on Sundays. Well then we decided to try the new place by our house called Costa Vida. Well we pull up and they arent open on Sundays either. Taco Bell was our end result. It was very tasty though! ;) Then Aubrey requested we go inside Petco and see the animals.

We were in there for over an hour.

Sage especially had fun! We started out looking at the fish and boy you should have seen Sages face and her excitment. It was so cute! Next we looked at the birds and even got to hold one. The bird was mocking us and showing off. Very funny! Maybe someday we can get one.

SOMEDAY... not now!

Pictures will come soon! Ive been using the laptop usually and we dont save the pictures on this computer. TTFN

Thursday, July 16, 2009

So dang cute!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heres a funny thing Aubrey said yesterday--

We have our insta-set pool up and its a few years old and not in so good shape. We couldnt figure out why it was loosing so much water everyday..we thought maybe because the kids splashed it out or dumped it. But then Aubrey had her theory..."Maybe its hybernating". (me and Tony look at each other thinking what the heck) and then Aubrey continued "you know when the water goes up to the clouds". Then we started laughing cause we realized what she meant was EVAPERATION. lol!

Another story that happened like a year ago--

The kids were riding there bikes out front and Weston had ran over our Lantana plant. Aubrey being the little tattle tail she is came and said "mommy, Weston ran over the Hannah Montana plant"!

Shes so cute..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Throwing away my razors

For over a year now I have been going to American Laser Centers in Mesa. First I went to improve my skin by getting the Affirm followed by the Microdermabrasion. Then I got offered an awesome deal I couldn't turn down. Im now getting laser hair removal on my underarms and *GASP* the fully extended Brazilian. (yeah thats all the front and all the back) Soon I will never have to shave there again. Oh the joys!!! Ive been happy with the girls who work there and the results thus far. I would highly recommend them 480-634-6231. Tell em Kaylyn sent you! Got any questions? Im more than happy to answer them for you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enjoying the good ol outdoors

Sage had her 18 month check up today. Shes 24.02 lbs 50th percentile on weight and 32.5" tall which is 75% on height. Phew! She got daddys tall jeans and not my short ones. She is healthy and happy! She even waved goodbye to the doctors after getting her shot. Aww! Now we dont need anymore shots until shes 4 years old...thanks goodness for that! Shes saying lots of new words like ball, whats that, mommy, daddy, right there, hot, shoes, ouch, hi (on rare occasion) We love her funny personality and her quirky faces she makes. Shes such a good baby..or I mean toddler. She sleeps well, eats okay and plays really good with everyone (once shes warmed up to them). Looove her!

I had a fun busy weekend! I flew to Nashville and met up with my good friend Jolene. It rained about half the time and was humid but I was very green and beautiful there. This is a busy week for me...I have appointments, bday parties and stuff I need to get done. Next week is also very busy for me. Here are some pictures of me and Sage.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aubreys Birthday Party and dinner

We had Aubreys Birthday Saturday afternoon! She had a few friends over to play on the water slide! After that we had cake and icecream popsicles (thats what she wanted)! She opened her presents and then they played a few balloon and water games. After everyone left I made the kids shower and we got ready for dinner. We met my parents and Tonys parents at Ruby Tuesdays. On her actual birthday (Sunday), we made her breakfast of her choice which was waffles and she got to play with her new toys and games!!! I just cant believe she is 6 years old already! Shes so beautiful and sweet. We love her very much!!!

Heres shopping trip #2 and #3 from Bashas. Phew that was fun!!!
Instead of listing all the stuff I got Im just gonna brag about my savings.

Total spent $37.23
Saved $71.02 66%

Total Spent $21.92
Saved $52.28 70%

So an overflowing cart full of groceries cost me $58! Now my freezers and fridge are stocked!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Bashas is doubling there coupons including the dollar coupons..woot woot! Here is my first of several shopping trips....

2-Athenos Feta Cheese
2- Bar-S bologna
2- California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas
1-icecream cone cups
6- Jello pudding mixes
5- Kraft Easy Mac Cups
2- Kraft Olive Oil Mayonaise
2- Velvetta Shells and Cheese Cups
1- Kraft deluxe mac and cheese meal
1- Velvetta mac and cheese meal
2- Bagelfuls
6- Reser brand (deli) macaroni salad, pasta salad and coleslaw
2- Wacky Mac Pasta
2- Yoplus yoplait yogurt cups 4pks


$68.21 76%

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Frys, Kate Goslin, and life as of now!!!

Heres are Frys deals from this week
bolded = free after coupon
italicized = almost free 50c or less

2- 1lb strawberry
1- bunch of bananas
5- avacados (yummo)
2- big packs of chicken breast (bone-in)
1- marie callendars meal
6- betty crocker potatoes
3- kraft dressings
2- cool whips
1- cattlemans bbq sauce
4- kraft bbq sauce
2- boxes wheat thins
2- packs of carefree panty liners
8- Johnsons and Johnsons body wash
2- packages of crab meat
2- boxes of popsicles
1- package of cheese slices
3- colgate toothpastes
2- cream cheeses
2- loaves of bread
4- bar-s hotdogs
4- packages fast fixins chicken strips
2- twix bars
2-snickers bars
2-peanut m&ms
12- packs of Extra gum
4- 12pk of coca cola cans

Total $54.53
Saved $132.79 71%

Did anybody else watch the new episode Jon & Kate plus 8 last night? I actually felt sad for the family! Is that weird for me to feel bad for them? What do you all think about whats happening?

Life as of now is going fine and dandy! No sick kids...(knock on wood), school is almost out and no major catastrophes. We've been a bit more busy than normal but that comes natural to the end of the school year and summer.

Aubreys birthday is on Sunday. I cant believe shes going to be 6! We will be having a girly swim party here at our house for her little friends on Saturday then afterwards we will be meeting up with the grandparents for dinner. (location is still up in the air) Aubrey keeps changing her mind where she wants to go...first it was Ruby Tuesdays then it was Red Robin but then she said TGIFridays. Typical, huh! A girl can change her mind alot. She changes her clothes at least 2 times a day! Silly girl!!!!

We have been fortunate to have good friends and neighbors..we've been doing alot of activities with them and the family too! These next 2 weeks are gonna be crazy with doctor appointments, dentist appointments and school functions. But then summer will be here and we can stay indoors instead of melting out in the heat. Dont get me wrong...I love it warm. Thats why I live in Arizona! I wish I had a pool..that would make summer alot more fun and do-able. Ahhhh, someday a pool with be in my backyard! 10 years from now :(

Well off to do some yard work and hopefully get a tan while at it! Then off to Aubreys class to hand out birthday invitations.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Aubreys 6th Birthday

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Its not quite Aubreys birthday yet (May 31st) but I had some extra time on my hands and wanted to make this.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


1 box of Devils food cake mix
1/3 cup softened butter
1/3 cup water
1 egg

Mix together and make into small round 1 inch balls. Place onto greased cookie sheet. Spray bottom of glass cup and press down on dough balls, making perfect circle cookies. Bake for 4-6 minutes in a preheated 375 degree oven. Frost with chocolate frosting, if desired.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 Random Facts

-he used to be Iron Man of Fountain Hills High School
- first job was at Burger King
-out ran the cops in his firebird
-has had a broken nose
-newest favorite passion is taking care of the yard

-first and most favorite job was Harkins Theater
-has never been out of the country
-never had a broken bone
-gave CPR before
-has 8 piercings and 2 tattoos

-big mommas boy
-is really smart just like his daddy
-plays pool and tether ball better than me
-loves broccoli
-is very social and talkative (very opposite of me when i was his age)

-was born with dark hair with blonde highlights
-loves to eat salad
-has got green everyday at school (good behaviour)
-wants to have curly hair
-doesnt like red sauce i.e. spagetti sauce

-got naturally curly hair
-sleeps through the night (most nights)
-loves to eat ice
-knows how to take her diaper off
-has no interest in watching cartoons

Tag 5 people

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


7 big boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats
2 gallons milk
1 bunch of bananas
1 tub of sour cream
1 box lucky charms
1 box raisin bran crunch


$47.39 75%

We are now stocked up on cereal for a while. hehe

Monday, May 4, 2009


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sage has been such an easy going baby. The past 3 days she put herself down for a nap and slept for 3 hours each time. Its been so quiet here and I can get alot done. Here she is with some new books we got. We love reading books at our house. Every night either Tony or I will read the kids a book they each pick out. We have been doing this for the last 2 years and I think it really is a nice time to relax and bond with the kids. Its so cute to see Sage "reading" her books!

Yeah for Biggest Loser Cardio Max excersize DVD. Its really been kicking my butt, but its been working. Im now down to 125lbs and want to loose at least 5 more pounds. I need to figure out how to tighten my stomach without doing sit ups. I hate doing sit ups. Ive also been going for bike rides. Trying to mix up the excersize routine so I dont get bored. This morning was so nice out I went for a walk as soon as I came home from dropping off the kids at school. Im now off to go do my Carmen Electra strip tease excersize DVD. (BTW: its really fun..ya'll should try it out)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


6 containers of blackberries-$1 each
10 kroger shredded cheese-$1 each
2 bags of baby carrots-$1 each
3 tubs of challenge butter-free after coupon
2 spray pam-$1 each
1 pkg of fresh talapia-$3.77 total
2 pkgs of pork chops-$5.66 total
3 gallons of milk-$1.99 each
1 pkg of hangers-$1.83
6 mccormick season blends- free after coupon
4 green giant frozen veg.-$1 each
6 birdseye frozen veg. 30c each after coupon
3 suave deoderant- free after coupon
3 suave lotion- free after coupon
1 pkg of popsicles- $1
2 pkgs of butterscotch chips-$1.50 each
6 pillsbury brownie mixes- 50c each after coupon
1 bag of frys flour- $1.29 after coupon
3 angel soft toilet paper- free after coupon
2 pkgs of 2lbs each ground beef - $1.88/lb
3 loaves of bread-$1 each
1 dozen eggs-$1.25

Total $63.63
Saved $149.78 69% savings

This week is a good grocery ad for Frys. A lot of good deals that dont require coupons for those of you who dont use coupons. Enjoy!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I was tagged

5 things I was doing 5 years ago

1. Being a mommy of 2 kids

2. Living in the apartment off Mckellips
3. Swimming or tanning at the pool
4. Coupon shopping
5. Babysitting

5 things on my things to do today list

1. Finish cleaning up easter mess
2. Go to in laws to have Easter lunch
3. Egg hunt with the kids
4. Facebook and blog
5. Get kids ready for bed

5 things I'd do with a million dollars

1. Move
2. Tummy tuck and boob lift (hehe)
3. Get a nice car
4. Put money away for the kids
5. Vacation

5 places I have lived

1. Ghetto Mesa, AZ
2 . Fountain Hills, AZ
3 Not so ghetto Mesa, AZ
4. Queen Creek, AZ
5. I frequently visit La la land, AZ

5 jobs I've held

1. Harkins

2. Ross

3. Just Sports
4. Linen N Things
5. GFS (data entry)

5 things I want to do in 5 years

1. Travel to a state Ive never been to

2. Pay off the Explorer
3. Start some type of schooling
4. Move (maybe?)

5. Loose 10 more pounds

5 people I tagged

1. Monica
2. Erika
3. Kristin
4. Tara
5. whoever else

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sage being cute

Home Improvements

We've been doing a lot of things to the exterior of our home lately..maybe its the spring air getting us out there..who knows but our home is looking beautiful.
We hung 2 sun mirror things (we have flown a flag ever since we have lived in this home...gotta show our support for the good ol' US of A)

Heres is one of the new vines we planted and one of the latices (sp?) we built. I will try to get a better picture of the whole thing someday.

I got a bunch of free pilsbury pizza crusts this past week at Frys after coupon so we have had homemade pizza twice already. This one turned out exceptionally good.

Aubrey and her cousin had a sleep over. They were wearing the same shirt and were being so funny together. I can totally see the Jarvis resemblance in them both especially in there cheeks.
Aubreys front tooth was wiggly and during dinner I was asking her if she wanted me to pull it out later and she didnt want to. So dinner carried on like normal then I noticed the tooth was missing. It came out on its own and was on her dinner plate. Easiest tooth extraction ever. lol

Wednesday, April 1, 2009