Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well my deal of the week doesnt include groceries. Every year Tony or I (or both) do the Black Friday Shopping. We are finishing our unmentionable gifts for the good boys and girls in our house and I grabbed a pair of L.E.I jeans for 8 bucks....wohoo. We hit up Walmart, Target and stopped in Kohls...(man Kohls was the most frustrating one EvER....the Line was a mile deap on both sides and it took forever) Tony broke his sandles playing football on Thanksgiving so he needed some and we werent planning on getting them at Kohls. Anyway while I was distracting the kids while 'daddy went to the bathroom' (tee hee) I stumbled on a small side rack of mens sandles and found only 2 pairs that were his size. I didnt know how much they were but I didnt really care at this point because I was getting tired of waiting and so were the kids. To distract the kids, I let them scan the sandles (oh they love those things) and found out one of the pairs of sandles only cost $1.80 normally $18.00 90% off folks. JACKPOT! How perfect was that. So after daddy returned from his 'potty break' the kids really wanted out the store and so I waited in the now 2 mile deep line to buy these sandles.. 20 minutes later I got to the register and the lady said and I quote "YOU Waited IN LINe just to BUY Sandles....CaN I HEAD buTT you?!!!" Weirded OUt I was! Didnt really say much to her....I just wanted out! So I paid for my less than $2 sandles and practically ran out of there.


Teanne said...

Hey the deals are worth it! I was a crazy shopper that day too. Why u wouldnt do all your Christmas shopping that day I dont know. Loved your Christmas elf thing- those are so funny.
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