Thursday, December 4, 2008

SAGE IS 1 year old Today

Look how adorably cute her feet are!

She is getting so big!

Sage on her 1st birthday!

The cutest 1 year old...I know!

Here is Sage giving me her sassy attitude!

My precious Sage...what a year this has been! Its passed by oh too quickly! You are just the most beautiful little girl (and Aubrey too) Ive ever seen. I am such a lucky mom to have such a perfect baby that you are! Your green eyes just like daddys sparkle and your nose like Grandma Connies your sassy bossy attiditude like mommy and your smile... ahh your smile is so contagious. We all love you! Happy Birthday!


Johnston*family said...

Cute pictures of Sage! Did she do a cake yet? You GOTTA post pics of that! Happy Birthday sweetie!

Kostura Family said...

No cake yet...thats Saturday! :) And for sure Im gonna take pictures

Mike and Erika said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Sage!!!

Kristin said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Marry2be said...

Um. How rude to say that your kids are the best looking in the world!!. You really are full of yourself.