Monday, November 24, 2008

Frys, Suns, Thanksgiving, Kids

okay heres my update post since i have been slacking. first off here is my deal of the week

2 gallons milk
4 Heinz gravys
3 Ajax dish soaps
1 Pillsbury sweet roll
3 Reddi whip
13 Green Giant frozen veggies
7 Birdseye frozen veggies
4 Del Monte can corn
6 Kroger cheeses
1 box Mrs Cubbison stuffing
3 Kroger cream cheese
2 5lb bag potatoes
1 bag carrots
2 C&H brown sugar
2 C&H powdered sugar
1 bunch bananas
1 head green leaf lettuce
1 onion
8 wishbone dressings
3 Betty Crocker Frostings
4 McCormick Seasonings
1 big ol Jenni-o turkey
3 Kelloggs pop tarts
3 Oceanspray cranberry sauce
2 MuriGlen tomato paste
3 Oscar Meyer bacon center cut


$173.84 78%

my reciept was 4 feet long hehee

So next reason I havent been posting much lately is because I have been reading the Twilight more like I have been trapped in reading the books! I cant stop reading no matter how hard I try. I think, eat and sleep Twilight...! I told Tony not to get mad at me if I call him Edward on accident. hehe! I just finished reading book 2 New Moon. I cant wait until I can get book 3 & 4! As you can see I changed my background to Twilight but you cant see Edwards face :(

Anyways for Thanksgiving we are having lunch with my side of the family around 4 then we will be having Thanksgiving with Tonys side of the family on Saturday (Tonys parents are in Vegas until Friday....lucky them)(hopefully they will win the jackpot and cater out Thanksgiving instead of me cooking it ALL all by myself) hehe I guess its better to have Thanksgiving on 2 different days instead of stuffing myself 2 times in one day....ugg.

We won Suns tickets....wohoo! We went to a fun carnival thingy on Saturday and got a raffle ticket and won tickets to the January 16th game against the Timberwolfes. But get this...its the 11th row back from bench. Maybe Shaq will jump into the crowd again and make it all the way up to the 11 row...hehe I will be sure to remember the camera and get some awesome shots.

Sage is starting to walk along things like the couch...Im sure she will be walking here in the next 2 months. Shes starting to babble some new sounds. Aubrey and Weston are doing awesome in school! Aubreys teacher is bumping her up to the Max reading series and Weston is in the highest level of spelling, reading and math in his class. It all comes natural to them i guess....good thing that they got that from Tony instead of me. Im not so much of a scholar.

Well I hope you all have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Albertsons Deal

5- Betty Crocker Frosting
4- Breyers Icecream Pints
1- 4pk Scott toilet paper
1- Green Giant steamer frozen vegetables
$0.08 (thats not a typo)

I got this deal last week so it isnt on sale anymore but I sure do love coupons....and so does my family hehe!
(I will post my Frys deal soon)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Help me... I dont have a crafty soul in my body! Aubrey need to decorate this stocking for school. Give me some ideas.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Alot of busy'ness has happened this past week...pheeww. I am glad its over with. We had most importantly Westons birthday on Friday (Halloween) and then school parades, trick or treating all in a 24 hour span.. Then Saturday we had Westons birthday party..that was interesting...9 kids ages 5-10 in my backyard...wowee! Our neighbor said he could hear us inside his house...oops I hope we didnt violate noise code. The kids had fun though...(pictures coming soon) Sunday we tried to relax but it was more like clean up after everything and put Halloween stuff away. Then yesterday was Voting Day! I didnt think I would get nervous but I did. I was worried for the outcomes and the 2 key ones I was worried about didnt turn out the way I wished. First off Obama! Enough said right! Well I guess things arent going to change that much. Then Prop. 102..Im not really going to spill it all out for you guys because you already know my feelings on this....I feel so bad for the now "outcast gay couples" Now it is so much easier for people to discriminate and look down on them. My stomach turns and Im am so sad about how Arizona people have masked a way to hate homosexuals. Anyways I thought I would update my blog since I havent in like a week. I will post pictures of the party and halloween soon!

PS. Good luck to my friend Erika...she is being induced to have her baby today (9 days overdue)!