Thursday, October 16, 2008

Urrgh Im really kinda ticked about Propisition 102 right now! How dare we let our government waste our hard earned tax dollars on a lame ass thing like this...especially in Arizona where gay marriages are already NOT Allowed. Millions of dollars wasted that could have gone to more important things such as schools, healthcare, charities, streets, etc. First of all its shoving a belief down everyones throats...! Also voting No will NOT allow gays to simply will keep the law the same which is that they arent allowed to be married. Love is love, no matter what sex. In fact there have been studies that showed that homosexuals have an extra thingy on the bottom of there brain by the back of your neck. Maybe it isnt a choice. Dont get me wrong....I dont swing that way but why judge others. Heres something fishy that happened

"Proposition 102 was placed on the ballot via referendum rather than through the initiative process on the last day of the legislative session; presiding State Senator Jack Harper faced an ethics investigation over allegedly violating Senate rules by cutting off the microphones of two senators who were attempting to filibuster the bill. Despite the fact that Sen. Harper has admitted to intentionally cutting off the microphones, a Senate ethics committee consisting three Republicans and two Democrats voted 3-2, along party lines, to dismiss the charges."

Wow how low can someone go? Come on really? Arizona has more important issues to address. Constitution is supposed to GUARANTEE freedom...what happened to that. Constitutionally treating these families as second-class provides justification to those who are prone to violence. There may be no end to the recent spat of gay bashings in Scottsdale and Flagstaff if this measure passes. If you use the Constitution as a means of pushing citizens down and treating them as less worthy, the results could be disastrous.

And why are certain religious groups so heavily involved in this fight? Everyone has a right to practice their religion -- that's the Constitution's guarantee of "free exercise". At the same time, the public has the right NOT to have someone else's religious beliefs imposed on them -- that's the Constitution's guarantee against the establishment of religion in the CIVIL legal system. Besides, there are lots of religions (including large denominations of Christianity) that recognize that discriminating against a person based on sexual orientation is NOT "what Jesus" would do!

I hate hate hate that religions are throwing this down everyones throats right now. I thought they taught free agency. Isnt that where you get to choose?!??? Making it illegal for gays to marry is taking free agency away. That is so contradicting! You are being mislead by this proposition. People are thinking that if they dont vote yes than that means gays will be able to marry. BIG FAT NOOTTT. People fear that if they dont listen to there church they will be looked down upon. I hate that sooo much. I would rather have a gay neighbor than a religious freak condemning me to hell. And that is the truth. I have gotten so much negative experience with a certain religion I dont care to mention.
I don’t care if your straight, gay or somewhere else, it’s not my business how you enjoy your life. And it shouldn’t be the state’s either. This is basically a form of discrimination. Allowing gays to marry is not the same as disallowing straight people to marry. Traditional marriage would not be marginalized one iota by allowing gays to marry. It would only be broadened to allow gays to marry. Just like we broadened marriage to allow for interracial marriages during the civil rights movement.

Some might make the argument that gays marrying is just another slippery slope of immorality. But if they want to marry, arent they dont the moral thing, arent they committing to the monogamy that those in religious bubbles advocate? I hope that we can find a way to say NO to a protective bubble of religion that makes outcasts of those who are "different" (plueeessee) Doesnt it make outcasts of those who are "different"? and arent the outsiders and outcasts, the scorned, the very people Jesus embraced?

I also say a video of a family who lives in a state where same sex marriages are legal. Oh boy did this one get me rolling fire mad. Its sooo one sided. It shows tha parents upset that their Kindergardener came home with a book that showed a dad and his "partner"! They wanted the school to make it a parent permission first. Okay well as a parent arent we supposed to teach and guide our children to believe the things we want them to? It goes right along with this. It is no different then your child hearing about drugs, drinking, sex before marriage, etc. You just have to explain why some people do this and why you dont do this. If you dont like how the school is teaching, then HOMESCHOOL! Kids are going to learn all sorts of stuff at school. Parents have the obligation to be there for the children and lead them the direction that they believe is true. Dont be hating on the school....they arent going to turn your child gay! SOO LAME!

As you can see this is a very touchy subject for me and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on for hours about this. (and subjects relating) Please please do more research on this Proposition and make a smart educated vote. Dont watch or read one sided things. Get the factual facts about Prop. 102. Dont let anybody sway your what you feel is the right thing to do....remember free agency. Free to choose. Free to choose. Free to choose.