Monday, October 20, 2008

Does it ever seem like everyone is avoiding you...? Well thats what I have been feeling lately! Maybe its just the paranoid me or something. Or maybe it is ME who everyone is avoiding... I mean we used to have conversations with our neighbors frequently but now its like they go in their house and dont come out. And like my mom doesnt even call to chat with me or come to visit.. I think shes only seen Sage 5 times, and Sage is going to be 1 years old in 1.5 months. I dont understand. It used to bother me alot before but now I guess I have just gotten used to her being absent from our lives... I dont know if its that she disapproves of us not going to church or what...I feel like alot of people judge us for not going to church....which just irritates me and makes me dislike the religion that much more. My phone has been pretty silent except for a few friends that are actually friends and call me. I rarely hear from family! Oh well at least my friends are there for me and my family. Well I take it back Tonys mom and I have a fantastic relationship...I can tell her anything and not fear of what shes going to think about me or fear she will be mad. She calls me almost daily to just Chat. And she trys to visit at least once a week if not more. She enjoys being with her grandkids and me. She is planning on having a me and her day just shopping and doing girly stuff. At least I get that kind of mother daughter interaction with my mother in law. I rarely see or hear from my dad. He is working alot and spends waaaayyy to much time with his Hispanic ward "family" and not his own. That ticks me off to because then he complains that he doesnt have enough time in the day to finish everything. If he would quit spending time with them and more time with his own blood then his relationship with them would greatly inprove. I dont even think my parents know how many teeth Sage has or if shes even crawling now. Any advise on how to cure this problem with them would be awesome.....and dont try to sugar coat everything and say "well thats who they are" or "thats just how they do things".. uh uh no! Thanks for reading.


Johnston*family said...

Do I mean nothing to you? I've been avoiding you? I judge you? NOT! Lately I have talked to you and done more stuff with you then I have with anyone else in our family or Duston's family. I guess everyone is avoiding me too then. What have I said to you that ever made you think I judge you? I am the last person who will judge someone because I hate being judged myself. I might not agree with you about certain things, but that doesnt change our relationship. Atleast it doesn't for me. I thought we could always talk about things and not hold anything back. I do tend to sugarcoat things, but if don't like that then I'll just tell you strait out. I hope you weren't thinking of me when you wrote this post, if you were, I'm sorry. I do not try to avoid you. I do not judge you. Live your life the way you want. I might not agree with it all and do what you do. Is that alright?

Coco said...

First off I kind of know how you feel, but reversed. None of my friends talk to me on a regular basis. I get a few text here and then and that shortly dies after 20 min. No one calls, no one bothers to make plans. I think you might understand where I am coming from. Not too many 18 year olds are married and have a baby… if you know what I mean. As for your family, I think people get too caught up in “their lives” to realize what is really important. My dad also works way too much, but I am fortunate enough that he is able to see Talmage. My mom is my best friend (other then Kyle) and that is about all I have. I am sorry that your family isn’t closer, Kyle’s is the same way. As for hating the religion. I don’t judge you in any way. I think the ward you grew up in, is a difficult ward. They have nothing better to do then get in everyone else’s business. When I got pregnant I swear everyone knew and everyone was judging me. I ignored it, which was hard to do. Just because you have chosen to take your life in a different direction doesn’t mean people should judge you that’s not right. Now back to the friends, on your half. I am always up for a chat or texts or whatever. I feel like people don’t want to be my friend because of my age (which sucks) so if you want to be my friend ( I feel like a little kid) I will gladly be yours! Hehe. I hope things get better for you!


Kostura Family said...

I defintaly was not writing this about you! You listened to my rants about prop 102 and didnt judge me. It was mostly a certain few people that I was thinking about but I made it kinda general. It was nice to hang out with you the other day! Although I did miss Tony! LOL

Kostura Family said...

Ya we totally know how to relate. Now that your closer we should totally do play dates.. Good seeing you and your baby (and Kyle) tonight.