Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Busy weekend

So this weekend was busy. (like every weekend is around here lately...sigh*) Saturday morning was the Reed side of my family (my moms side) annual breakfast at my Uncles house. My kids love going there because they have horses, cows, chicken and lots of places to run around. Aubrey was trying to be brave enough to pet the cow and she wouldnt do it for the longest time then she finally came up to me and said watch so I was watching (through the camera lense) and she pet the cow...only when she did it moved its head swooshing a fly or something and it squished her arm between the fence. Poor girl! She wasnt really hurt more like scared.. at least she did it. Then the kids had fun watching my cousin milk the cow...he kept squirting the kids with the After a while Tonys allergies got to him and we had to leave....but we had fun while we were there. Oh ya and if anybody knows how they made those biscuits and gravy please please pass on the recipe. YUM!

Then after we got home Coco and her husband and brother came to pick up the furniture they were buying from....(thank you coco)! After they left we ate lunch and went to a small fair down the street put on by My Doctor Now! It was okay. They had a petting zoo with a Llama, baby cow, bunnies, baby chicks, bay pig, ducks and goats. The kids had fun petting the animals. The kids got to sit inside a firetruck and meet the firemen. We went to Walgreens after and got a Red Box movie, Dont mess with Zohan! It was pretty funny. On Sunday I was hoping it would be a chill day but that never really happens. Tony decided he needed at TV today and so we did our price shopping online and found an awesome deal on a needless to say he went and got it. Yall have to come over and watch a movie with us someday!

Today (monday) I went to Walmart with my neighbor (who is due today) to get an awesome deal on icecream. (well the sale is at Frys but we ad matched).....okay heres the deal

Blue Bunny Icecream
normal price $5.99
sale price $1.97
coupon from $1.00
end price $.97

Thats right only 97 cents for a 1.75 quart of icecream....yum! Go get some for now and save some vanilla icecream for Thanksgiving pies...

PS a little insider on another deal (I havent tried it yet)

Bashas has pint sized Breyers icecream on sale $1.00 and in yesterday coupons was a coupon $1.00 off making it free...

Frys has Hall cough drops $1.00 coupon from yesterday paper .50 doubled to a $1.00 makes it free.

Enjoy and let me know if you went to get these deals.


Bobbi Jo said...

I did get Fry's deals. Not the ones you said about I think I will have to have Coco get the Halls for me when she goes this evening. I posted on my blog what I got but not the prices.
Great furniture Coco & Kyle got from you. The chair is very comfy! I don't get to sit in it though, Coco won't let me. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Briana said...

Hey Kaylyn-I just read your blog and I helped make the biscuits and gravy! The biscuits were actually the frozen ones from Pilsbury that come individually frozen. Easy! And my mom just made the gravy. She cooks the sausage and then adds milk and thickens the gravy with cornstarch or you could use flour. Maybe the secret ingredient is the milk from the cow! :)