Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Jacked Up Camping Trip

So we are back from our camping trip and the post title will be explained as we go. Dont get me wrong....we had a great time. We headed up Thursday afternoon and when we first pulled into the "wilderness" we saw a heard of 10-12 elk. It was pretty awesome site. After finding my brother and dad we set up camp and played around for a few hours including swinging on a swing my brother made. The kids had a blast with that.

After dinner we sat around the camp fire and then went to bed. It was sooo cold. I think I had maybe 3 hours of sleep. Between the stupid coyote howling and the coldness I just could not get to sleep as much as I really wanted to. The next morning my dad made pancakes (we had bagels though) and one his last pancakes was huge (Duston ended up eating the whole thing hehe) Then I decided to move my car back over to our tent and I drove over (on accident) a tree stump. I was stuck. I tried to go in reverse and foward. I was getting no I was scared. (here comes the part of the title explination) Tonys parents showed up on the ATVs and I showed them what happened. His dad said we needed to Jack up the back tire and stick some boards underneath the tire set it down then jack up the front tire and put a rock under it so the wheel could just roll over it and over the stump. It took a lot of man power (thanks Jaron, Duston, Dad, other Dad, and my sisters for making fun of me) As the day went on I got tired of "ruffing it" and decided it was time to pack up and leave much to my sisters failed attempts to keep me there. (nothing personal) We left around 5ish and got home about 8ish with a pit stop in Fountain Hills at Wendys. I slept like a freaking baby I was so tired.


Bobbi Jo said...

I am glad you had a good time on your camping trip. The last one we were on was in our living room.
I love seeing elk out in the wild. Did you get any pics of them? I would love to see them.
Sounds like so much fun even with the stupid stump causing problems. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Johnston*family said...

I'm glad all those guys were there to help..I was did that happen anyways? you're an awsome sis!

Raike said...

I can imagine your camping trip with it's pictures…. It was amazing.