Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some Random Pictures For You Nosies

Aubrey lost her first tooth

Sage playing with Buzz

Weston playing with the camera

My HOT husband and cute baby

Trying on Halloween costumes on

Sunday, September 21, 2008

They never learn do they.....?

They meaning husbands, specifically mine this time. I will set up the story for you. Tony in high school won the Iron Man competition. He loved and still loves lifting weights. So as you could guess when he finally had a garage to put up his weight set he did it as soon as he could. Well it didn't get used for the purpose of pumping iron.....no.... it got used as a storage bench and to collect dust. After some discussion about a year ago about not having enough room to maneuver in there and that he wasn't even using it he said that he would begin to use it and it wouldn't be used as a storage bench anymore. He did begin using it everyone other night for a whole month..........ya then you guessed it....that excitement wore off. Since then its been collecting dust and other things. So the discussion came up again and guess who won......yep meeeee! Do men (husbands) ever learn that the women always prevail? Ahhh but there was some compromise here....Im not as mean as a wife as Im making it sound. Hes keeping the bench and some weights in there but at least I can walk into the garage without tripping or trying to avoid hitting my head on some big metal thing......ahhhhhh! I LOVE MY HUSBAND

Here he is taking it down.....what a somber day it was for him......(he called it having his balls in a vice.....whatever that means lol) He does agree with me now that its nicer having more room in the garage.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Wanna know what I do (well sometimes) Im a bzz agent.. Interested? ask me what I do and I might let you in my secret.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

broken crayons

Hey anybody want to get rid of you broken crayons? Im going to be doing a little craft project with my kids and need lots of broken crayons... Thanks

Monday, September 8, 2008


I really liked watching Oprah show but now I don't know if I can view her the same as I used to. She was all about women power! Whats so different here? Its a bunch of BS! BAN OPRAH FROM OUR TV's at home......

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Jacked Up Camping Trip

So we are back from our camping trip and the post title will be explained as we go. Dont get me wrong....we had a great time. We headed up Thursday afternoon and when we first pulled into the "wilderness" we saw a heard of 10-12 elk. It was pretty awesome site. After finding my brother and dad we set up camp and played around for a few hours including swinging on a swing my brother made. The kids had a blast with that.

After dinner we sat around the camp fire and then went to bed. It was sooo cold. I think I had maybe 3 hours of sleep. Between the stupid coyote howling and the coldness I just could not get to sleep as much as I really wanted to. The next morning my dad made pancakes (we had bagels though) and one his last pancakes was huge (Duston ended up eating the whole thing hehe) Then I decided to move my car back over to our tent and I drove over (on accident) a tree stump. I was stuck. I tried to go in reverse and foward. I was getting no where......now I was scared. (here comes the part of the title explination) Tonys parents showed up on the ATVs and I showed them what happened. His dad said we needed to Jack up the back tire and stick some boards underneath the tire set it down then jack up the front tire and put a rock under it so the wheel could just roll over it and over the stump. It took a lot of man power (thanks Jaron, Duston, Dad, other Dad, and my sisters for making fun of me) As the day went on I got tired of "ruffing it" and decided it was time to pack up and leave much to my sisters failed attempts to keep me there. (nothing personal) We left around 5ish and got home about 8ish with a pit stop in Fountain Hills at Wendys. I slept like a freaking baby I was so tired.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

same morning different animal


video proof

squirrel vs roadrunner

Shun the non believers

This picture is proof for those who didn't believe that I have a squirrel living in my backyard. Hes so cute. One morning he (or she) put its front feet up on the back sliding door and looked into the house. I was the cutest thing ever.