Thursday, August 14, 2008


Okay so normally Im pretty capable of dealing with noise and such (since growing up in a house with 9 other siblings) but man has something really struck a nerve with me lately. Well its kinda been happening for a while now but seriously just recently has it started buggin me again. As some of you know we live next to a drainage area and behind our home is a big orange grove. Well some fools like to drive their ATV's through our driveway, run over our plant and go back into the groves to ride. To solve this problem we stuck a big landscape rock there...did that deter them? NO they just go on the other side of it! So we make a small sign and put it on a stake...did that deter them? NOPE They just have no clue that we want them to stay off our property and quit running over our plants. I dont know what to do about it now. Any clever ideas? The day after the rain last week we saw mud prints from the ATV's so I decided to take pictures. Heres one! Oh and thats not all...when we are in our backyard playing and they decided to ride 100 mph and kick up all sorts of dust it blows into our backyard and we have to run away from it. Its so annoying and loud. Oh ya that also reminds me of another annoying thing they do. They decide its okay to ride at 10pm. Its loud and it keeps my kids awake. Okay enough of my vent!


The Lucas Gang said...

Mmmm... You could get the tire spikes and run them through the rocks, send it in to AFHV and get money off of it.... OR find out who they are, send a complaint to the HOA and get them in trouble.... I like the first idea best.

Kostura Family said...

haha coco thats a good idea...its very tempting to just dig a ditch cover it up and watch em fall in....haha