Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I guess this turned out long

So i just wanted to come blog about whatever because I feel like it! I guess I don't really have something specific to talk about so I guess I will just type and see what comes out of it. Did you all enjoy that rain we got last night? I love it when it rains except that if its windy too we have to move Tonys car that is parked next to a big tree that is leaning and we fear it will fall over one of these times. The tree is so big and beautiful but man its a pain in the ass. We have to trim that darn thing at least once a week because it grows so dang fast. We have to pull out the ladder and trimmers and if we don't put the clippings in the trash right away the leaves dry out and make a huge mess. But if garage day isn't the next day it makes the trash a musty and dewy stinky smelly ugghhh. Oh well! Oh and the stupid builder or landscaper (I don't know who to blame) planted this tree right on top of our water line so if the tree does topple then we hope it doesn't rip out our pipes.
We got Aubreys ears pierced Saturday. She had been asking for a while and we thought she was responsible enough to take care of them so we took her..... I think I was more nervous than her. She hopped up onto the chair and the lady did one ear at a time, each time Aubrey didnt jump, cry or even say ouch. The employees were amazed and needless to say so was I . She loves them and they are so cute on her. I don't have a picture yet but I will put one up soon.
Something Ive been trying to do is life and my house.. As a whole me and Tony collectively decided that we will not allow anybody in our lives that will be a negative impact on us and our kids. We are striving to make our lives more positive and happy. (not that it wasn't before but we want to keep it that way) There is a specific person that we know that has just not given us any kind of good vibes and has shown some negative reactions to situations that the person has happened to deal with. Also the behavior and temper is frightening to me and Tony. We believe that this person is capable of something unimaginably saddning and hurtful and so we will not allow our children to be suseptable to see this behavior and action this person portraits. As for our home....we have been (slowly) trying to go to each room and get rid of anything broken, unusable or something that is just junk. We've done the kids toys (twice) and everyones clothes. I need to encourage Tony to get in the garage, its full in there. I should take before and after pictures huh?!?!?! We dejunked our computer room by buying a smaller desk with drawers and put things away in the correct spots and it made the room look bigger and cleaner. The list can go on and on but I will prevail.....I will be junk free someday!
I dont know why I have been thinking about this practically daily but Christmas is 6 months away. Its going to creep up on us so fast! Ive been asking the kids about what they want Santa to bring them.. They really haven't said much except Weston wants (and needs) a new bike. His bike is starting to get little for him. Aubrey hasn't specified anything yet. Tony just told me he wanted to start putting up lights before Thanksgiving. I'm not so sure about that. Every year he wants to put up a gazillion lights and decorations. I guess its his favorite holiday or something. *giggle* This year will be different. Although it will be Sage's 2nd Christmas she will be crawling around (maybe walking) and pulling the decorations off the tree. Maybe we will put some type of cute barrier around it. Got any cute ideas you crafty ladies out there (Coco, Bobbi, Monica, Kristin)? You know that song "I cry the day that I take the tree down" well that is the complete opposite of me. I cant wait to take the decorations down and have my home back to its original self. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and that holiday season but I cant stand having wall to wall stuff everywhere. (hence the decluttering)
Well I guess this post turned out longer than I expected being that I thought I didn't have much to say but I guess I spilled out what was on my mind. Talk to you all later.


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