Saturday, August 2, 2008

First day of School

Here are some pictures of the long awaited first day of KINDERGARTEN and 2nd Grade! Most of you who know Aubrey know that she is very shy and timid when it comes to people she doesn't know even kids her own age. I was so nervous the whole week before school and stayed awake at night thinking all the things that could happen. Well so Wednesday night, the night before school, we were helping the kids get their backpacks ready. Aubreys reply was "no its in 10 days"! Then my mind started to race thinking oh no is she getting nervous. agghhh noooo! In the morning we got ready and Aubrey was soooo excited. The kids got ready really fast and we even had 20 minutes for them to just watch cartoons before we had to leave. We get there and I was ready to put up a fight. I thought she would be attached to my hip or crying. NOPE! She went off and played on the playground the whole time.....I didn't even have to tell her to go and play. When the whistle blew she lined up and went inside and said "bye mom". I couldn't believe it. Aubrey isn't my little girl anymore. Same thing happened the 2nd day too. WoW! As for Weston he has the same teacher for 2nd grand as he did 1st grade. I like how the school does that because then the teacher knows the student and their behavior and learning ways. I really like his teacher..... and so does Weston. So I wasn't nervous for Weston to go to school at all. He always has been my easy child! He was wanting to go back to school weeks ago. He was so excited to see all his friends again.

Aubrey all ready to go! The backpack is just as big as her!

Weston all ready to go! Hes a pro at it now!

Aubrey lined up ready to go inside.

Weston swinging with his friends!


Coco Lucas said...

I am glad that she did okay. That must have been scary. I think I cried my first day of school, so at least she didnt do that! And Weston is getting so big, he is in second grade Holy Cow!

Briana said...

Looks like fun! Your kids are so big! Time goes by so fast!

Bobbi Jo said...

Glad the first day was good! Your kiddos are really cute. Hope they continue to have fun and enjoy school. And now maybe a little more free time for mommy?
Hugs, Bobbi Jo