Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sorry about the video problems below.....the video size is to big to upload! So how about some pictures instead!

This is a picture i took in my front yard not to long ago! The light from the sun rays beaming off the clouds was an amazing site.

Heres an armouir we are selling. Its a solid sturdy piece from Krauss Furniture Galary. A very nice piece. BONUS--- comes with the tv. Nothing fancy about the tv....its a 36" and works just fine. The tv fits perfectly in the space! We are getting a flat screen and thats why we are selling these thing. You can have both for just $700 or give me your best offer. No good offer refused.

And heres a picture for good measure......shes not for sale though. Sage is getting so big already.. it just seemed not to long ago that she couldnt even roll over or sit up. She is close to crawling and says momma and shakes her head no. Ahhh! Oh well I guess I cant make her stop growing so I will cherish each day as it comes.