Monday, June 30, 2008


We recently had a chance got to take the kids to a movie! Horton Hears A Who, I thought, was a cute movie. If you ever get the chance to see it with your kids I would recommend doing it. Talking about movies, we have a very good, close friend that so happened to have a, what I think is, a pretty good role in a movie called Peaceful Warrior. He doesn't have any lines in the movie but he is seen quite often. That is besides the point though. Peaceful Warrior is a great movie and Ive been wanting to buy the DVD for a while now. I got the chance to buy it when Tony took me out for my birthday (July 1st). We went to dinner at Carrabas Italian Grill. Talk about good! It was our first time there and we had excellent service and amazing food. Afterward our server brought us out an ice cream dish to share, compliments of Carrabas because it was our first time there. I definitely recommend trying it (although the frozen strawberry margarita wasn't all that great)! After dinner we stopped by Old Navy and Tony bought me a cute pair of wedge sandals, some regular pair of sandals, a red tank top and a long sleeved shirt I saw that was cute! It was too early to call it a night and head home so we decided to go to Best Buy and look at the flat screen TVs because we are in the market to buy one at leas 42" or bigger. We talked to one of the employees there who helped us decide which kind was best for our needs and so now we confirmed what we thought was the right decision to get a Plasma 1080 HDTV 42-50"! (NO SONY BRANDS EITHER, YUCK) So then we were looking around at the movies and at the corner of my eye was the movie I had been looking for. $14.99 sweet deal, SOLD! We bought Peaceful Warrior finally! After a good night of shopping and dinner we headed home to our sweet angels (well most of the time) we showed them a quick glimpse of the movie and they were all excited that Chad was on TV! And lastly but not at all least, we watched Jurassic Park 2 on TV last night! Mind you I'm not really into the action suspense movies so much but I have always liked watching the Jurassic Park movies. Any of you got any movies that you really enjoy, please share.


Coco Lucas said...

Happy Birthday Kaylyn!!!

Sounds like you had a god night out for your birthday! (Lucky). Kyle keeps talking about getting a new tv. We don't need one but oh well! Oh and guess what. We will most likely be building at a community north of you guys on Gary. Get ready for some stalkers. Just kidding!
Anyways I hope you have had a good birthday!

Kostura Family said...

Yaa you will be our neighbor.....what builder is it?