Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weston was Tagged!

Six things you should know about Weston....

1. Weston is very smart! (takes after daddy) He is doing 2nd grade reading and math while in 1st grade.

2.He is getting really good at riding his bike and scooter. He can get both wheels off the ground on his bike and land it without falling.

3. He is a lover not a fighter. He will cuddle with just about anybody and rub their arm.

4. Weston plays exceptionally well with Aubrey (most days). Get them playing store or something and they will be busy for hours (litterally)!

5. Loves his electronics......he loves to play the computer, PS2 and Nintendo DS. He also likes to tinker with his toys and take them apart to see if he can fix them.

6. He tells me he loves me and that Im beautiful at least once a day (learned it from his daddy)

We will tag Ashlynne and Madison