Sunday, April 20, 2008


I got tagged!
I was tagged by Monica

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER? Tony and I have been together since November 1999 and got married March 10th 2001

HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? We dated from Nov. 99-Present lol

WHO SAID " I LOVE YOU" FIRST? I think I did.

WHO EATS MORE? Hum thats a good question but probably Tony because he eats more often than I do


WHO HAS MORE SPEEDING TICKETS? Tony wins that one with a total of 1 ticket i have had no speeding tickets

WHO IS SMARTER? Tony is waaaay smarter than I am (hes an Electrical Engineer) but I guess I have more commen sense than him...hehe

WHO IS MORE SENSITIVE? I guess I would be during the certain times of the month

WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY? Its about 50/50

WHO DOES THE DISHES? same as above 50/50 i have the best husband ever

WHO IS MORE ROMANTIC? neither are real romatic for say but Tony just bought me a dozen roses last weekend.

WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT? from which angle are we looking from? if your looking from the foot of the bed toward the headboard then i sleep on the right

WHO PAYS THE BILLS? Tony makes the mula but I do the actual writing of the checks and mailing them.

WHO MOWS THE LAWN? well now since im not preggo anymore i did it last weekend but usually Tony does it.

WHO COOKS DINNER? ah just about 50/50 again man am i a lucky girl. i love my hubby.

WHO IS MESSIER? neither we dont like clutter

WHO DRIVES WHEN YOU ARE TOGETHER? depends on which car we are in.....if its the explorer its me if its the lancer its tony.

WHO IS MORE STUBBORN? defenatly me

WHO IS FUNNIER? Haha if you knew Tony you would already know the answer. hes such a clown.

WHO ASKED WHO OUT FIRST? i think fact we talked on the phone for like hours before we met in person and he told me i sounded like his dream girl. i guess his dream came true.


I am going to tag nobody!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Not sure if I formally introduced you all to our new baby, Sage! Well here she is at 41/2 months old already. Where has the time gone?